16 Dec 2015

Send File From Computer To Mobile VIA WiFi Without Internet Connection....

Send File From Computer To Mobile VIA WiFi Without Internet Connection....

Thinking that how is this possible To Send File with WIFI from computer to Android without internet ?
So Here I will tell you that how to Send File From Computer To Mobile VIA WiFi Without Internet Connection …
This Million Dollar trick is only working for android device users (mobile, Tablet). So, if you have an android mobile or tab then you must can try this amazing trick. If you want to send your file from computer to mobile or mobile to Computer then you should follow the simple steps mentioned below.
You neither need any technical knowledge, Progarrming, any specialization nor Internet connection but the thing you need the most is your brain  and you need an android device that can be a mobile or tab and a computer or laptop which is compiling and connected with WIFI. If you have WIFI supported Computer and android mobile then you can do this.
Some Major requirement to do this trick

1) An Android Device (Tablet or Mobile)
2) A Laptop or Computer enabled with WIFI.
3) Download the mentioned app “WiFi File Transfer” in android Device (Tablet or Mobile ) from Google Play.
4) You Do not Need of Internet Connection for sending of files.

How to Send Files via WIFI on Computer

Here are some simple steps to send file via WIFI from tablet to Laptop:
1) First connect WIFI on your android tab or mobile.
2) Install WiFi File Transfer in your tablet or Mobile.
3) Now you will have the screen as i shown in below image in your android Phone and Press Start service
4) Then you will have generated FTP address.
5) Now come to your PC, Check that your WIFI is enabled and Open My Computer by double clicking on it (Default).
6) Now click on address bar and Paste the FTP Address here grabbed from STEP 4 and Press Enter button like below screen.
7) Now your File manager of your android device is in your computer and from here, now you can easily copy files in computer and send any files in mobile.
Here you are not using any internet connection to send files with WIFI. You need only WIFI connection in both devices.
Follow all the steps carefully and you will do this trick without having trouble. In case if you fails, then you can leave comment below or contact us through Our Contact page to get instant solution.
I hope you will like this amazing trick very much , So, Kindly give us your feedback which is very precious to us.